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Can you tell the difference

between the two showrooms below?
Can you tell the difference
between the two showrooms below?

Are you struggling to see the difference?

Both showrooms have state of the art lighting systems installed, designed to dramatically enhance the appearance of the car on display. There is one big difference between them though... and it’s a difference the eye can’t see!

Would it surprise you to know that showroom A has an energy bill much lower than
showroom B?
Now there’s the difference!

Keeping your retail space, office or showroom well lit and looking good can be incredibly expensive, but by using our industry leading LED lighting systems, you can make amazing savings and slash maintenance costs. The great thing is there’s no compromise in lighting quality - just great savings.

As we said... can you tell the difference?

  • Fully designed and installed by our own highly skilled teams.
  • Full inclusive 50,000 hour/ five year parts and labour warranty.
  • Start saving straight away with no capital outlay.
  • Reduce your tax and carbon foot print.
  • Increase your environmental green credentials.
  • Can be fully funded from the savings you make.

Love our LED lighting systems? You’ll love our financing options even more!

Take advantage of our cracking range of payment options and upgrade your lighting system to LED today. Choose from the following three options and start benefitting from lower energy bills right away.

  1. You pay direct for full install and set up.

  2. Take advantage of a fully funded option, where your system is paid for by your utility bill savings.

  3. Honesta can take on your utility bill responsibility and pay for the lighting system out of the savings for you.

To find out more about our amazing range of products and how you could benefit from them, get in touch today. Call 01299 211 672 or 07890 944 335 for more information.